‘Primal Carnage: Extinction’ Release Date In October, Choose Your Specie: Human Or Dinosaur?

'Primal Carnage: Extinction' Release Date In October

'Primal Carnage: Extinction' Release Date In October, Choose Your Specie: Human Or Dinosaur?

“Primal Carnage: Extinction” release date for PS4 is happening in a couple of weeks.
There are quite a number of first-person shooter games that always manage to bring out the adrenalin junkies who are always up for a challenge. However, there aren’t a lot of first-person shooter games that have pre-historic reptiles as opponents.

Panic Button, an Austin-based indie studio, just announced the “Primal Carnage: Extinction” release date in celebration of International Dinosaur Month.
According to Playstation Blog, the official “Primal Carnage: Extinction” release date is set on Oct. 20, and will feature a dinosaur-versus-human gameplay. It is said to cost around $20, but there is no official statement on the price.
Players will be able to tap into their reptilian side by choosing to play as a dinosaur of their choice, or they can opt to be a mercenary. Players can choose the dinosaur route as a Dilophosaurus, Novaraptor, Pteranodon, Carnotauraus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex or the human/mercenary route as The Scientists, The Commando, The Pathfinder, The Trapper and The Pyro.
Inquistr reported that the game initially started out as a single-player story based game called “Primal Carnage: Genesis.” The game was meant to explain the origin of the unique islands and why pre-historic reptiles are running wild. Lukewarm Media, the first developers, ran out of money but indie developers Circle 5 Studios picked up the game and gave the game new direction.
The game isn’t very complicated; it is very much like an arena style where up to 16 PS4 players can have cause multiplayer chaos in player-hosted online games or offline modes.

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