‘Pretty Little Liars’ Charles, Ezra, Wren Theory Go Viral Before Season 6 Premiere [SPOILERS]

'Pretty Little Liars' Charles
'Pretty Little Liars' Charles

Not a day passes when there’s not a “Pretty Little Liars” fan who comes up with interesting theories, but a particular one involving Charles has gone viral and is capturing everyone’s attention.

Posted in Sunday by A-trouble Maker , the theory itself is very elaborate and detailed, and it focuses on the idea that Charles may not be Jason’s twin brother, but a foster child who is Bethany’s older brother.

“Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis were married in Philadelphia, surrounded by friends and family, including Peter and Veronica Hastings,” says the “Pretty Little Liars” theory.

“Jessica’s treachery started early on, and she became pregnant with the child she knew was fathered by Peter.

To get away from Peter and to keep Kenneth from becoming suspicious, Jessica convinced her husband to move to Georgia, where Jason was born.

A few years later, Jessica received a phone call that changed her life.

Jessica’s sister and her husband had been killed, leaving their young son and newborn girl.

She immediately made plans to take in the children, and the DiLaurentis family went to pick up little Charles and baby Bethany.

Kenneth and Jessica would make do, accepting these children into their new family.

They did not know the monstrous things that Charles had endured.

As Alison grew, Charles seemed like a loving brother, but inside, he was obsessed with her.

When she was only a few years old, Charles pushed her down, causing a broken arm and Kenneth to put his foot down about the kids.

But for the sake of their marriage and the well-being of their two biological children, the couple put the children up for adoption.

Bethany was instantly snatched up by a wonderful family calling the Youngs.

Charles was put up for adoption.” The theory goes on to purport that either Ezra or Wren is in fact Charles, and the detailed summary has been picked up by publications like Bustle and also online forums like reddit.

What do you think of this “Pretty Little Liars” theory?     

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