‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Cast Confirmed? Release Date To Happen Next Year?

'Power Rangers' Reboot Cast Confirmed? Release Date To Happen Next Year?

'Power Rangers' Reboot Cast Confirmed? Release Date To Happen Next Year?

The “Power Rangers” reboot cast receives a shortlist of actors.
Producers of the film have previously mentioned that they are looking for relative unknowns to be a part of the “Power Rangers” reboot cast.

Now, a report from Variety offers a shortlist of newcomers that are being eyed to play the Rangers. The following batch of talents are said to be auditioning for some of the main roles.
Their sources claim that Daniel Zovatto (It Follows), Ross Butler (Chasing Life) and Brian “Sene” Marc are among those testing to play Zack a.k.a. the Black Ranger, while Austin Butler (Shannara Chronicles), KJ Apa (Shortland Street) and Mitchell Hope (The Descendants) are testing for Jason a.k.a. the Red Ranger.
Their source also claims that Naomi Scott, who recently appeared in Ridley Scott’s “The Martian,” might be joining the “Power Rangers” reboot cast as Kimberley a.k.a. the Pink Ranger.
“X-Men: First Class” writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller are working on the movie’s script with Alison Shearmur, Brian Casentini and Haim Saban of Saban Enterntainment, the production that housed the TV series. 
The movie will be a retelling of the “Power Rangers,” whose story follows a group of ordinary high school students who are given special powers to defend Earth from sinister alien forces.
The franchise gained prominence in the early 90’s, airing in Fox Kids TV in 1993. The TV series’ success spawned a feature film called “Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: The Movie,” two years after the series aired. A sequel, “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie” followed in 1997.
The TV series ran until 1996, featuring new characters and vehicles, changing its subtitle every season.
“Power Rangers” is loosely based from a similar Japanese franchise titled “Super Sentai Series.” As a way to reduce costs in production, the U.S. version recycled footage from the Japanese show.

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