Poptropica Updates: ‘Forgotten Islands’ Nintendo 3DS Version Out Now! PoptropiCon Spoiler Alert Available For Members And Non-Members!

The Nintendo 3DS version of Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is finally here! According to the virtual world’s official blog site , the Nintendo 3DS version of the game presents the virtual world is a “whole new way” as it is, for the first time ever is available in “stereoscopic 3D.”

Gamers interested to get Poptropica: Forgotten Islands in Nintendo 3Ds can grab their own copies on Amazon and other retailers.

It is available on Amazon for $29.99.

According to the retail giant’s product listing, Poptropica Forgotten Islands on Nintendo 3DS players can create their own customized characters using more than 100 unlockable costumes and accessories.

There are also mini-games and quests featured in Forgotten Islands.

Get more details about the game on this Amazon page.

Moreover, the latest Poptropica updates reveal that the second episode of PoptropiCon called Spoiler Alert is now available not only for the Members but for the non-Members as well.

PoptropiCon: Spoiler Alert opened for everyone on November 13.

Watch the walkthrough below: Poptropica is an online role-playing game  from the global publishing and education company, Pearson PLC.

The kid-friendly game is created by Jeff Kinney, writer of the hit Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Players need to create their own Poptropican first to be able to explore different islands as well as compete in various multiplayers games.

Several quests through Poptropica islands are available for players.

Aside from the online version, Poptropica is also available as a mobile app for iOS devices.

Android version will be available soon.

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