Poptropica Codes 2014 And Updates: Enjoy Superhero Experience With Reality TV, Free To Play For Everyone!

Obtain new outfits by redeeming Poptropica codes 2014.

One of the easiest ways to have new costumes and exclusive stuff in the Island is by converting Poptropica codes 2014.

The game codes are usually worth costumes.

Some of the Poptropica codes 2014 might only work for the premium members – those who pay the annual subscription fee.

There are several ways to get new Poptropica codes 2014.

For one, players can wait for a special event and see if Poptropica team will provide free codes for the game to celebrate the moment.

Players can also also buy real Poptropica toys and merchandises.

Usually, these items come with exclusive Poptropica codes 2014 that can only be redeemed online.

Below are the latest working Poptropica codes 2014 that players can redeem to get new items and costumes in the island.

These Poptropica codes are grabbed from PoptropicaWorld.com website.

SkullBook – This one gets a Skull Pirate costume and you may need to use all CAPS when typing it in.

DRHARE5000 – Unlocks a special edition Dr Hare balloon.

DRHARE7500 – Unlocks Dr Hare Ears Power.

DRHARE10000 – Unlocks Dr Hare’s Light and Shadow Outfits.

As for other Poptropica updates, everyone in the game can enjoy a “nearly infinite superhero experience,” according to the game’s official blog site.

New billboard is now available for Reality TV Island.

Check it out on Main Street for more information.

Accordingly, Reality TV is free to play for everyone, Poptropica Members and non-Members.

Visit official Poptropica blog page here .

Also, it’s the last day to celebrate Poptropica’s 7th birthday! Enjoy the party while it lasts.

Check back on this site for more updates on the game as well as for new Poptropica codes 2014.     

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