Poptropica Codes 2014 And Updates: Enjoy Poptropica’s 7th Anniversary Party Before September Ends! More Chances To Get The Lucky Birthday Costume!

Redeem the available Poptropica codes 2014 and enjoy the virtual world’s seventh birthday party! There are still a few Poptropica codes 2014 that might be redeemed by members.

According to the list on PoptropicaWorld.com, the Poptropica codes 2014 that might work will give players outfits or clothing items that players can use in-world.

But is should always be noted that Poptropica codes 2014 might only work for the premium members, of for players who pay the annual subscription fee for the kid-friendly online world.

Below are the Poptropica codes 2014 that members can try to redeem: DRHARE7500 – Dr Hare Ears Power SkullBook – Skull Pirate Costume DRHARE10000 – Dr Hare’s Light and Shadow Outfits.

DRHARE5000 – special edition Dr Hare balloon Make sure to type in the Poptropica codes 2014 correctly to avoid redemption issues during the process.

Poptropica is an online role-playing game designed for kids from ages 6-15.

The virtual world is owned by the publishing and education company Pearson PLC, Poptropica was created by the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Jeff Kinney.

  Currently, a party is presently happening in the virtual world in celebration of Poptropica’s 7th anniversary.

But the party is on only until the end of September.

Before the celebration ends, players can have the online world’s birthday costume for free! Those who want the Poptropica 7th birthday outfit can find it by going to all Poptropica common rooms which are filled with balloons.

There are 7 special balloons from the room and once the players pop all of them, they will have Poptropica’s seventh birthday outfit for free! According to the latest update, Poptropica Creators will give more chances to players to get the free birthday costume.

The post reads: “We’ll help you find this outfit in a couple ways.

First, we’ll be turning up the frequency of the 7 balloon, so you’ve got a greater chance to see it and win.

Second, we’ve also added a brand-new common room to PoptropiCon: Line Forms Here! Visit “The Facili-Tee” in the main Convention Center scene for our first new common room since Monster Carnival.”    

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