Pop Star Masumi Gives Hallyu Fans The First Look At Her New Video [EXCLUSIVE]

Pop Star Masumi Gives Hallyu Fans The First Look At Her New Video [EXCLUSIVE]
Pop Star Masumi Gives Hallyu Fans The First Look At Her New Video [EXCLUSIVE]

Pop Star Masumi is no stranger to KpopStarz or Hallyu.  Earlier this month, the singer revealed that hearing Girls’ Generation brought out the “Bad Girl” in her.

The Niigata, Japan-born multi-instrumentalist just completed the music video for “Girls Make the World Go ‘Round” and was eager to premier it exclusively on KpopStarz.

“I think K-pop fans will enjoy listening.

I work to make my music universal.

Nobody is excluded from my party,” she said.

“‘Girls Make The World Go Round’ speaks to the hard working girls helping themselves and their families succeed.

It is an anthem for female empowerment and the realization that we girls inspire and make things happens all around the world.” Masumi hears strong similarities between Hallyu production and her own song stylings.

“There is a dynamic quality to K-pop.

We both use a lot of sound effects on our tracks which adds a lot of dynamics to make it larger than life,” she explained.

“Like K-pop, my music has its own gloss and richness plus the stories of Western music and production with my unique Asian edge.” The singer sees that edge making headway into the western hemisphere.

“Asian artists are a minority in the U.S.

music business right now of course, but I see a lot of Asian musicians on the scene in L.A.,” she observed.

Masumi “only knew how to speak a few English words” when she “moved to the States from Japan,” and promises that her upcoming EP is a step in a new direction.

“This is my first release where 9 of the 10 songs are sung in all English.

I wanted to make an album with Dance / R&B influenced songs on it because that’s where my heart has always been.” The composer’s work didn’t stop when she finished recording “Girls Make the World Go ‘Round.” “Videos are a part of my expression and are a very important piece of the creative process.

Before we shoot, I sit with my Producer to discuss the story of the video,” she said.

“Then of course the fun part comes; the make-up and wardrobe! It’s a whole process for me; it’s exciting to put a visual spin on a song that has been in my head for months.” You can watch the music video for “Girls Make the World Go ‘Round” here and only here:  

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