Pokemon X And Y Updates: Get The Shiny Giratina Before The 3DS Release, New Variety Show Pokemon Get☆TV To Rank X And Y Features

Pokemon X and Y are just around the corner, and several events will be occurring simultaneously around the world, including the shiny Giratina giveaway event!

For American Pokemon fans, besure to get your shiny Giratina in Gamestop locations.

This shiny Giratina comes at Level 100 and can be obtained for those with a copy of Black, White, Black 2, and White 2.

It will know the moves Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Aura Sphere, and Shadow Force.

The event will run until October 20, and is a great way to start your journey onto Pokemon X and Y when they are released October 12! For other international fans, the event will run until October 12 in Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and various other countries.

In addition, Serebii has announced that the long-running Pokemon variety show Pokemon Smash! will come to an end right as Pokemon X and Y arrives.

The final episode has aired, and a new variety show called Pokemon Get☆TV will replace it on October 6! Reportedly, as a way to start things off on the new series, the October 6 episode will have a segment which will rank the various features of Pokemon X and Y.

Perhaps we will get some new footage as well! Meanwhile, several photos of alleged new Pokemon from X and Y have surfaced, though they are unconfirmed.

Check them out above!    

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