Pokemon X And Y Anime Postponed Ferry Episode To Air On November 20: New Episode Titles Announced!

As the Pokemon X and Y anime continues, the recently postponed episode featuring a sunken ferry will now be airing next month.

As previously reported, The Pokemon X and Y anime episode is titled “The Castle on the Seabed! Skrelp & Dragalge!!” This episode involves Team Ash investigating a sunken ship and city with the help of new X and Y Pokedex addition—Skrelp and Dragalge.

Although it was not officially confirmed, most assume this episode was postponed due to the South Korea ferry incident.

According to Serebii, this postponed Pokemon X and Y anime episode will now be airing on November 20 in Japan, with an international release presumably to follow.

Meanwhile, a magazine has revealed two more episode titles.

Reportedly, Pokemon X and Y anime episode 52 will be titled “Hawlucha & Dark Hawlucha!!” Episode 53 is titled “Ninja Art Showdown! Frogaider VS Barbacle!!” Episode 52 will air on November 20 while episode 53 will air on November 27.

In addition, episode 44 has just aired in Japan this past week, and now fans can watch online for free! In this episode, Ash challenges Korrina to a gym battle in a three on three battle.

However, Ash has been unable to beat Korrina’s Mega Lucario in battle.

Will he succeed? Thanks to Anime Plus, you can watch the episode online right here .


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