‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Updates: New Starter Pokemon, Two Legendary Pokemon To Be Revealed Next Month!

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Updates: New Starter Pokemon

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Updates: New Starter Pokemon, Two Legendary Pokemon To Be Revealed Next Month!

“Tune into next month’s issue,” is the promise of CoroCoro magazine who said they will feature new Pokemon reveal next month, which according to reports, will include the new generation Pokemon set and the Pokemon starters for “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

As published in The Bitbag , some fans were irked by another cliffhanger given by CoroCoro magazine who first said that more “Pokemon Sun and Moon” information will be provided this April. Back in March, the magazine announced that it will slowly start releasing new information about “Sun and Moon” in its special features starting in April. According to the report, fans felt like they were trolled into buying “an issue filled with empty promises.”
CoroCoro magazine, on the other hand, has teased “Pokemon Sun and Moon’s” box art, which strongly suggested that fans will be introduced to two new legendary Pokemon. These two new legendary Pokemon, as it seems, will symbolize the “Sun and Moon.”
A new mythical Pokemon, Magearna, is also confirmed by CoroCoro magazine, and according to Serebii , this new mythical Pokemon will be a Steel and Fairy Type Pokemon. It added that Magearna will likely be part of “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”
“Magearna isn’t the only interesting mythical Pokemon with two types. Volcanion is a fire and water type Pokemon that took the world by storm, as no other Pokemon has had those two types before, especially since water extinguishes fire. This Pokemon has yet to be seen in the existing games, so there’s a good chance it will also be part of ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon,” The Bitbag wrote.
Meanwhile, as reported by Crossmap , Nintendo is set to bring big changes to the Pokemon franchise upon the launch of “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” According to the report, the new game “will take everything that works and changes what didn’t for the game. Hence, instead of being a game for the existing fans, “Sun and Moon” will aim to attract new players.

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