‘Pokemon Go’ Developer Receives $20 Million From Google, Nintendo And Pokemon Company

'Pokemon Go' Developer Receives $20 Million From Google

'Pokemon Go' Developer Receives $20 Million From Google, Nintendo And Pokemon Company

With the announcement of the augmented reality project “Pokemon Go,” fans need not worry about the budget for the upcoming mobile release.
Billed as like “Ingress but with a Pokemon theme,” “Pokemon Go” will be developed by Niantic Labs alongside Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. According to Android Authority , the development company has raised $20 million in funding from Google, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

“In addition to the $20 million, Niantic could reportedly see an additional $10 million from these investors once they reach certain undisclosed performance milestones,” wrote contributor Andrew Grush. “While there are no specifics here, we imagine this means if they can actually get it launched, and get it to take off among consumers in a meaningful way.”
As noted by the trailer and various publications, “Pokemon Go” augmented reality game to find, capture, and battle Pokemon in the real world. The game will feature a device called Pokemon Go Plus that connects via Bluetooth. While it is free-to-play, there will be in-app purchases.
And while Pokemon veteran Junichi Masuda will be assisting in creating locations and music for “Pokemon Go,” some players are wary of what the gameplay will truly be like.
“Trailer revealed no actual gameplay or went into detail about features, and it’s a freemium mobile game, so there’s likely going to be wait timers that have to be bypassed by paying through micro-transactions or it’ll be pay-to-win,” added Blobbem. “I’d be wary about this one.”
Check out the trailer for “Pokemon Go” below :

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