PlayStation 4 Problems: Overheating Console, Auto Ejecting Games And Audio/Video Issues A Main Concern For Gamers, Avoid Headaches With These Tips

PlayStation 4 Problems: Freezing, Lagging and overheating have been a major concern for PlayStation Owners in maintaining their consoles.

If you are experiencing these issues, learn how the quick yet stable fix for these problems here.

The three common problems as tallied by the website Fixya for the PS4 are the Sony console turning off, Audio Video Problems and the game is freezing.

Here’s how to fix them.

PlayStation 4 Problems: Turning Off: Random rebooting or just plain shutdown of the computer has been a major headache for some users.

The common cause of the PS4 randomly turning off is due to overheating.

Users will see a blinking blue or red light instead of a white light can be seen if this happens.

Don’t get too alarmed.

To diagnose or fix the problem, try checking the HDMI cable if it’s too loose this might be the cause.

Next, check the hard drive, if you think that’s the problem report to Sony.

Lastly, ventilation is an important thing for your console.

Just like a human, no air, no oxygen it will pass out.

PlayStation 4 Problems: Audio Video: Loss of Audio or Video is sometimes a problem bothering Sony PlayStation users.

A quick look at the connection of the HDMI cable, again if it’s loose, could help you fix a simple problem such as this.

If connection is fine, then the settings of the television might be the issue.

Check for manual connection settings on your television and see if that could fix your problem.

Try a new HDMI cable if it doesn’t help or even try connecting to other TV’s and see if that would solve the problem.

PlayStation 4 Problems: Freezing: It may sound ironic but the system overheating may cause the freezing of the display.

It may be a common issue faced by people, though not widespread but new software updates could fix the issue and proper ventilation would really help a lot.

Treat your PlayStation like how a man would take care of his car, with utmost care and attention.

Using it but not abusing it.

This would surely save you lots and lots of money from repairs and a lot of time away from headaches.

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