Pippa Middleton Getting Married To Nico Jackson Despite NBC Correspondent Job Offer? Kate Middleton’s Sister Hushes Resurging George Percy Rumors

Pippa Middleton may finally be getting married to Nico Jackson despite a NBC correspondent job offer.

Is she putting her career on the line for her boyfriend? Even though marriage may not be happening in the near future, wedding rumors are an effective way to hush up any kind of ex boyfriend rumors, especially if they pertain to George Percy.

After touring the US and interviewing to become NBC correspondent, Kate Middleton’s younger sister flew back to Switzerland to spend some quality time with her boyfriend Nico Jackson.

According to Fashion & Style, ““Pippa is all about her career at the moment.

Her next move will be life-changing, and will almost certainly involve moving to New York.

She and Nico will have to have a serious conversation about their future,” a source told the Daily Mail.” Pippa Middleton dined with her ex boyfriend George Percy with her alleged fiancé Nico Jackson working in Geneva.

Is trouble brewing up in paradise? Let’s hope that the sister of Duchess of Cambridge remembered to tell Nico Jackson that she is catching up with her ex boyfriend.

Otherwise their alleged engagement and wedding may be on the line for Pippa! The 30-year-old Middleton was caught having a dinner with George Percy, who is the heir to the Dukedome of Northumberland and also her rumored ex boyfriend.

Was Pippa looking to rekindle their romance? Get some closure from the relationship? Whatever Duchess of Cambridge’s sister’s rationale may be, let’s hope that Nico Jackson didn’t get angry over this meeting! According to Fashion and Style, “George and Pippa attended the University of Edinburgh together and lived in the same house, sparking dating rumors on and off between 2008 and 2012.” But now it seems like Pippa Middleton is closer than ever to getting married to Nico Jackson.

They were even house hunting in London together before he left for his new job in Switzerland! Do you think Kate Middleton’s sister and the banker will finally seal the deal? Let me know in the comments below!

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