‘Pinocchio’ Starts Strong But Can’t Beat ‘Mr. Baek’

'Pinocchio' Starts Strong But Can't Beat 'Mr. Baek'
'Pinocchio' Starts Strong But Can't Beat 'Mr. Baek'

The highly anticipated new SBS drama “Pinocchio” started its first episode with a respectable 7.8 percent of the viewer ratings.

The drama naturally attracted attention due to its popular leading actors, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk.

And it promised an intriguing plot with a character that could not tell a lie.

Starting at 7.8 percent meant that “Pinocchio” rated 2.3 percent better than the final episode of “My Lovely Girl,” starring Rain and Krystal Jung.

The drama began with the characters in high school.

Choi Dal Po, played by Lee Jong Suk, is a guest contestant on a quiz show and surprises everyone in his school since his academic performance has earned him the nickname of “All Zero.” To read the article, visit kdramastars.com .


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