Philadelphia 76ers Vs Kentucky Wildcats: Can A College Team Beat An NBA Team? This Season Features The Best And The Worst Of Both Worlds!

The Philadelphia 76ers is the worst NBA team this season.

That’s a given.

It’s not even close.

Not even the hapless LA Lakers would contest the distinction.

On the other hand, the tallest basketball team in the United States is the Kentucky Wildcats-not an NBA team.

They also have an unprecedented collection of talent.

What would happen if the worst and the best collide? The Sixers are being debated to be the worst of all time and Kentucky has two starting lineups that could comprise the top recruiting classes of the past two years.

Wildcats coach John Calipari has been playing around with platoon substitutions and it borders on ridiculous.

Is it really possible for a college team to beat a professional team.

This is the closest but not quite.

From FTW: “DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe, with all due respect, are wrong.

These No.

1-ranked Kentucky Wildcats cannot beat the 0-11 Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers have far better playmakers, better shooters on the perimeter and more strength up front, even if the Wildcats might have more long-term talent.

John Calipari has dismissed notions that his team could beat a team of professionals, and Las Vegas is in agreement as well.’s R.J.

Bell told USA TODAY Sports that the Sixers would be favored by 16 points under NBA rules and 10 points under college rules, based on a consensus from bettors and bookmakers.

So let’s get that out of the way now: The Sixers would win.” Even Calipari agrees-the chasm is still wide enough and it would probably not be crossed.

In fact, SB Nation pays respect to the pro sports industry of America when it calls it a ‘stupid question:’ “Kentucky is an amazing college team, but the thought that any college team could beat any professional team in football, basketball, baseball or hockey is pretty ridiculous.

This remains true even when the college team is as good as Kentucky and the pro team is as helpless as these 76ers.” Still, the Sixers are winless and the Wildcats are undefeated.

It was fun to think about, but no dice.

And perhaps there never will be.


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