Pharrell Williams Girl Promises to Make People Happy and Save The Oceans; Sephora and Comme Des Garcons Release Fragrance Designed With Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams “Happy” rode the charts all summer, bringing the singer to new heights and allowing him to branch out as an entrepreneur.

A few weeks ago Pharrell Williams announced eco-friendly swimwear and now he’s offering a new scent.

The new fragrance Pharrell Williams Girl was launched by Sephora in a partnership with Comme Des Garcons.

The scent is designed for both girls and boys.

Pharrell Williams GIRL will be available exclusively at Sephora.

Pharrell Williams, who once said “When I do collaborations, I do them with notable masters,”  ollaborated with the avant-garde fashion house Comme des Garcons.

But this wasn’t music.

Instead of beats and chords.

They worked on a fragrance.

Pharrell Williams was inspired by wood-based scents.

According to advance notice the scent “strikes an attractive balance of masculinity and femininity.” “Air is the canvas…an art of the olfactory sense,” Pharrell Williams said in a statement.

Pharrell Williams and longtime favorite designer Comme des Garcons say that they used “the world’s finest materials.

GIRL features flirtatious base notes of vetiver, patchouli, cedar, and Australian sandalwood introduce an instant edge warmed by iris, styrax, and violet.

Striking top notes of neroli, lavender, and white pepper mirror visions of youthful innocence.

The ultra-concentrated GIRL eau de parfum lingers long after application.” Pharrell Williams GIRL is available at and at all Sephora stores in the U.S.

and Canada.

Pharrell also uses his entrepreneurial powers to help save the planet.

Pharrell used recycled ocean plastics to create Pharrell’s Bionic Yarn, a textile company that produces a fiber made from discarded plastic retrieved from the sea.

Pharrell announced the premiere of his RAW for the Oceans spring-summer collection at New York Fashion Week.

Pharrell Williams said “The world is 75-85 per cent water and so are humans, we are 75-85 per cent water.

There is a huge parallel there.

The significance of water on a planet shows that life exists.”  “It’s for two reasons: one because the planet does need help,” Pharrell said.

“Y’know, our planet is sick.

We people are the bloodline and there are some blockages with all the crazy things going on in the world.

The second reason is that so many amazing things have happened to me.

I’ve had some really generous and blessed harvesting.

The least I can do is get to our global community and give back to the earth.”    

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