Peter Capaldi On ‘Doctor Who’ Regeneration: Will He Beat Tom Baker’s Record After The 2014 Christmas Special?

While all eyes are on Jenna Coleman’s tenure on “Doctor Who,” Peter Capaldi is helping reassure fans that he plans to stay for as long as possible.

At the event An After with Mark Gatiss and Friends, Peter Capaldi commented on his own regeneration and when that might be.

”At the end of the day, the job is all-consuming, it’s a factory – a ‘Doctor Who’ factory! I get to run up and down corridors, escape through ventilation shafts and fight Daleks,” said Capaldi according to Doctor Who TV.

“But it is every day for eight months and you can get tired; you keep trying to come up with ideas.

And sometimes you run out of ideas.

If I did have an ambition it would be not to regenerate for a while.” Which is fitting, given that Capaldi previously turned down to audition to be the eighth Doctor in order not to suffer a disappointment.

“I knew I wouldn’t get it.

I just didn’t want to have the disappointment, and go through all the palaver of jumping through hoops for something that I would never get….

I knew it was an American pilot thing, and I knew they would go for somebody who was well known, which Paul was.” After the recent comment, Whovians are curious whether Peter Capaldi could beat Tom Baker’s record, who remains the actor who portrayed the Doctor for the longest period.

“I don’t think Tom Baker’s record will ever be broken,” commented JLS1138 on Doctor Who TV.

“I’m sure ‘Doctor Who’ was also pretty demanding back then, but I don’t think it was anything like what it is today.” “I expect Capaldi will be with us another two to three series, although personally I’m hoping for longer!”

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