‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5, Episode 1 Updates: Premiere To See A Different Sameen Shaw?

‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5

‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5, Episode 1 Updates: Premiere To See A Different Sameen Shaw?

There only less than a month left before “Person of Interest” returns on May 3 for Season 5 and fans just could not wait to see what’s in store for the series’ probable final season.

A month before the much-awaited premiere of “Person of Interest” Season 5, the Facebook Page, ” Person of Interest – Fanpage ,” teased the fans with an intriguing image of Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) who looked really shocked and further asked the fans, “What could get such a reaction from Shaw?”
It can be remembered that in the finale of “Person of Interest” Season 4, Sameen Shaw, to the shock of many fans, was seen coming with Samaritan.
In a brief recap for the Season 4 finale published by M Stars News , it read: “The war between the Machine and Samaritan left casualties and forged new alliances in its wake. After presumed dead, Sameen Shaw was last seen walking away willingly with Samaritan’s agents. While Samaritan was executing its master plan, Greer’s men put a bag over Control’s (Camryn Manheim) head and took her hostage. In the cliff-hanger, as Pink Floyd’s ‘Welcome to the Machine’ started playing, Finch (Michael Emerson) walked out, with no gun, alongside Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Root (Amy Acker) as they started shooting down Samaritan’s agents.”
Fans are convinced that “Person of Interest” Season 5 will see an entirely different person in Sameen Shaw.
One fan commented in Person of Interest – Fanpage’s post: “I’m scared that she won’t be the Shaw that we know and love. Who knows what Samaritan has done to her while she’s been in their psycho hands.”
Another one said, “I’m thinking in the beginning of Season 5 Shaw will be hunting Team Machine… with that said, who knows, she may have just been playing Team Samaritan to get a chance to escape!”
Still another one commented, “Can’t wait to see what Samaritan did to her. I know there is a way she will overcome, but this face is probably the shock of seeing everyone again.” 

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