Person Of Interest Season 4 Episode 2 Spoilers: ‘Nautilus’ Off To A Dangerous Scavenger Hunt; Will Finch’s Help Alert The Samaritan?

“Person of Interest” season 4, episode 2 spoilers reveal a scavenger hunt unlike any other because of the stakes involved.

But Finch’s attempt to help a brilliant student could alert the Samaritan thereby endangering the rest of the team.

The official “Person Of Interest” season 4, episode 2 spoilers are revealed through the synopsis which reads: “Although Finch insists that he no longer wishes to help with new numbers, his interest is piqued when Reese learns that the newest POI is a brilliant college student engaged in a mysterious, life-and-death scavenger hunt.” According to   “Person Of Interest” season 4, episode 2 spoilers   from Hollywood Hills , the guest stars for “Nautilus” include David Starzyk (David), Quinn Shephard (Claire), Andreas Damm (Romeo), Dan McCabe (Hipster Geek), Samantha Posey (Pushy Student), Quinn Meyers (Barista), Antoine Harris (Street Tough #1), and Brendan Burke (Jackass Biker).

Cartermatt  in its “Person Of Interest” season 4, episode 2 spoilers revealed that “Nautilus” will see the show return back to its procedural roots, “and it is for a very cool case that will feature a scavenger hunt that is different than anything you have seen before.” “Ultimately, we have some high hopes for really the entire series as they have set the bar so high when it comes to crazy, it will be rather tough for the show to find a way to match,” the website added.

In the premiere episode called “Panopticon,” fans are reintroduced to a world where the Machine has gone haywire and the main characters are forced to go underground and assume different identities as they study their next move.

When fans meet them again, Shaw works as a mall girl in Bloomingdale’s, Finch is now known as Professor Harold Whistler, Reese assumed the identity of Det.

Riley under the NY Police Department.

“Person of Interest” airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m.

on CBS .

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