‘Penny Dreadful’ Season 2 Spoilers: Josh Hartnett Talks Ethan Chandler’s Fear Of Hurting Loved Ones [VIDEO]

'Penny Dreadful' Season 2 Spoilers: Josh Hartnett Talks Ethan Chandler's Fear Of Hurting Loved Ones [VIDEO]
'Penny Dreadful' Season 2 Spoilers: Josh Hartnett Talks Ethan Chandler's Fear Of Hurting Loved Ones [VIDEO]


  Gothic supernatural series “Penny Dreadful” is now officially one month away.

As such, plenty of teasers and featurettes are being released to gear up excitement.

Arguably though, there are some Josh Hartnett fans who probably wait year around for this series.

Josh Hartnett recently sat down to explain some things that are in store for his character Ethan Chandler.

It would seem that the next season will explore Ethan’s internal conflict as he tries to fight off the beast inside in order to protect the people he has come to love.

Fans can watch the full featurette below.

      “Ethan obviously has a very dark past.

He’s dealing with something that is weighing on him every day,” explained Hartnett.

“He has more knowledge of what he is.

He knows he has this time to try and figure out a way to not kill a bunch of people he loves.” Although it was somewhat of a shock toward the end of the last season of “Penny Dreadful,” it looks like audiences are in store for more werewolf shifting.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Ethan feels very good about his ability.

But in a beautifully dramatic way, that makes Ethan and Vanessa bonding all the more sensible.

Prior to this Ethan Chandler featurette, actress Eva Green explained what her own character will be facing an increasingly difficult internal struggle against the darkness that haunts her.

As two characters that were already close and are facing similar internal turmoil, it is likely that Ethan and Vanessa will get very close in “Penny Dreadful” season two.

“Penny Dreadful” is set to premiere its second season on May 3.

Showtime describes the series as follows: “Some of literature’s most terrifying characters, including Dr.

Frankenstein and his monster, Dorian Gray, and iconic figures from the novel Dracula are lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London.

They are joined by a core of original characters in a complex, frightening new narrative.

PENNY DREADFUL is a psychological thriller filled with dark mystery and suspense, where personal demons from the past can be stronger than vampires, evil spirits and immortal beasts.”    

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