Penn Badgley Juggles Domino Kirke, Uma Thurman And Band Mother: Former ‘Gossip Girl’ Return To Screen Without Blake Lively

Penn Badgley had a busy month juggling his girlfriend Domino Kirke, his new show ‘The Slap’ co-star Uma Thurman and his band Mother, spelled ‘MXTHER’ (for maximum hipster cred).

It looks like the former ‘Gossip Girl’ star will return to the TV screens without his wing woman Blake Lively!

Penn Badgley and Uma Thurman were spotted most recently in New York City shooting an upcoming TV show ‘The Slap’.

Will Uma or Penn be doing the slapping? Turns out, the show has nothing to do with turning the other cheek.

It’s a lot racier than that.

According to Daily Mail, the show is about “an aging TV writer trying to recapture her youth by dating an inappropriately younger man.” As Uma Thurman is 44 and Penn Badgley 28, they are certainly a match made in TV heaven! But ‘The Slap’ isn’t the only thing the former ‘Gossip Girl’ star has been juggling this month.

He has been steadily continuing his relationship with Domino Kirke (yes, the sister of ‘Girls’ star and painter Jemima Kirke) and making music with his band Mother.

Listen to Penn’s band Mother’s newest track, ‘Victims’ here .

Daily Mail reported that the Penn Badgley, 27, who previously has dated Blake Lively and Zoe Kravitz, is now sharing his Brooklyn life with Jemima’s sister Domino Kirke, eating falafel and smoothies together.

“They’ve been dating for awhile,” a source told Us Weekly, “They have a number of mutual friends.

It is a very mature and free relationship.” Looks like Jemima Kirke’s sister fits into the Lonely Boy’s new-fangled life as a Bushwick-based band’s singer slash guitarist.

Domino is also leader of her band, DOMINO, which has toured with Lily Allen and has been “featured in Lena Dunham’s pre-’Girls’ film, ‘Tiny Furniture’.

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