Penn Badgley Devotes To MOTHXR, Leaves ‘Gossip Girl’ In the Past: Actor Too Busy To Keep Up With Relationship With Girlfriend Domino Kirke?

Penn Badgley Devotes To MOTHXR
Penn Badgley Devotes To MOTHXR

Penn Badgley completely left behind ‘Gossip Girl’ to direct his energy on his new band MOTHXR.

Seeing how the band is just getting started, the actor-musician may not have enough time to keep up with his girlfriend Domino Kirke.

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Penn Badgley seemed very satisfied with the “Brooklyn-based band he started with friends Simon Ocroft, Darren Will and Jimmy Giannopolous.”  “The second we sat down, it just immediately became that band,” Badgley told EW.

“We worked in an incredibly fluid and spontaneous process.

It was purely electronic, and also purely organic.” Recently Penn Badgley slammed ‘Gossip Girl’ ending scene in a recent interview.

Maybe the former ‘Gossip Girl’ star did that to keep rumors about his girlfriend Domino Kirke out of the media circles.

He didn’t hesitate to plug his new band MOTHXR during the interview though.

Now that ‘Gossip Girl’ has been off air for several years, Penn Badgley had no problem saying that the ending scene of the CW show made no sense.

“It doesn’t make sense at all.

It wouldn’t have made sense for anybody.

Gossip Girl doesn’t make sense!” Penn said according to People Magazine.

Right now, the former ‘Gossip Girl’ star is busy reinventing himself as the main man in the band Mothxr.

And it turns out a political voice for his hometown Baltimore.

Despite the fact that the band earns “no money right now,” according to his interview with Huffington Post, Penn Badgley seems happy enough to keep plugging away.

But he has been pretty quiet in terms of girlfriend front.

Paparazzi caught him and his girlfriend Domino Kirke strolling through the streets of New York last year, but since then, they have not been seen together.

Daily Mail reported that the Penn Badgley, 27, who previously has dated Blake Lively and Zoe Kravitz, is now sharing his Brooklyn life with Jemima’s sister Domino Kirke, eating falafel and smoothies together.

“They’ve been dating for awhile,” a source told Us Weekly, “They have a number of mutual friends.

It is a very mature and free relationship.” Looks like Jemima Kirke’s sister fits into the Lonely Boy’s new-fangled life as a Bushwick-based band’s singer slash guitarist.

Domino is also leader of her band, DOMINO, which has toured with Lily Allen and has been “featured in Lena Dunham’s pre-’Girls’ film, ‘Tiny Furniture’.

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