Pebble Time Release Date Coming Soon As Pebble Starts With Mass Production Of The Smart Watches

With all the anticipation and attention gotten by Pebble on its upcoming Time watch, the release date is what got fans excited about after the Kickstarter campaign for the smart watch became successful for the company.

In a report by PC World , the Pebble Time is still on schedule as it is previously stated to be shipping out supplies this May.

With their mass-production in full swing, Pebble is slated to ship out thousands of the second-generation device within the month as well.

Alongside its sturdy and hip feel and design, Android Authority  revealed that the new breed of smartwatches, besides its changeable straps, has a new e-paper display with Gorilla Glass protection to make it not just tough, but also in style.

Other features of the watch include a new interface, to add to its newer look, new applications installed that could give the user versatility and supported voice replies for easier use.

Specs of the watch was revealed in its official website  and it includes a 1.25-inch color e-paper display with LED backlight, a Bluetooth 4.0 that has a 3D accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor and a microphone.

In a previous post by Pebble , its Kickstarter page revealed “prototypes” of the Pebble Time as they were in the last stage of production.

“It’s been a busy week of software updates and testing at our end,” the official post revealed.

“Progress is going well.

We got our first shipment of pre-production (DVT) units from the factory.

They’re looking great!” “We’re in the last stage of production testing before we start mass production.

DVT units includes all final electronics, body texture, and Kickstarter imprints.

They look amazing!” Official release date of the Pebble Time hasn’t been revealed for now but is speculated by some experts to come out by the end of the year.

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