Paul Walker’s Death Anniversary Tribute: ‘Fast And Furious’ Actor Was Supposed To Quit Hollywood And Live Like A Surfer With Daughter Meadow

As Paul Walker’s death anniversary approaches, tributes from fans and celebrities are starting to surface.

His father, Paul Sr., similarly talked about his son’s decision to temporarily retreat from Hollywood to prioritize his daughter, Meadow Rain.

“Paul was planning on taking a break from starring in movies, and stepping away from Hollywood, to spend more time with Meadow.

He was so proud of her, she is incredibly intelligent and beautiful, and Paul wanted to be there for her as she grew up,” said Walker’s father to Mail Online .

He likewise shared that the “Brick Mansions” actor preferred to have a modest life.

Prior to Paul Walker’s death in November 2013, the 40-year-old actor signed on for a film entitled “Agent 47.” If successful, the film would have three more movies.

The young Walker later regretted the decision: “That was something he confessed to me he wished he hadn’t done because he wanted to be with Meadow.” While the “Hours” actor is known for his penchant for driving car, the senior Walker admits that his son was already bored of fast cars and was looking forward to rediscover his passion for surfing.

“He was bored of the car thing.

He actually told me, before he died, that he had rediscovered the ocean and had taken up surfing again,” he said.

“He would love nothing more than packing a sleeping bag in a van, sleeping out in the wild and lived in such a modest way,” added Walker’s father.

Meadow is Walker’s daughter with ex-girlfriend Rebecca McBrain.

Meadow only moved in with his father in 2011.

Walker once described his daughter as “the best partner” he ever had.

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