Paul Walker’s Daughter ‘Loved’ Vin Diesel’s New Movie, Latter Wanted To Retire Due To Grief?

Paul Walker's Daughter ‘Loved’ Vin Diesel’s New Movie

Paul Walker's Daughter ‘Loved’ Vin Diesel’s New Movie, Latter Wanted To Retire Due To Grief?

Vin Diesel got Paul Walker’s family rallying behind him for this latest movie, “The Last Witch Hunter.”
The father of three went live on Sunday via Facebook Mentions to share how blessed he felt these days and how “touched” he felt when Meadow Walker watched his new movie.

“I’ve got so many wonderful text from people that went to see the movie,” he said in the video. “They really love the movie. They really enjoyed it.”
“Probably, the one that touched me the most was — Meadow Walker and her mom went to see the movie on Friday and Meadow texted me and said she loved the movie,” he added. “It just touched me.”
But Meadow was not the only Walker to support the actor’s “The Last Witch Hunter” movie.
“A dear friend of mine, Val, took his daughter’s whole team wearing breast awareness t-shirts to a show of “The Last Witch Hunter” yesterday and guess who he ended up watching it with — Paul Walker’s dad,” Vin Diesel happily shared.
“The Last Witch Hunter” was Diesel’s latest movie following “Furious 7.” According to Mail Online , he wanted to take a break from acting as he grieved Paul’s death but went back to the Hollywood track for his latest movie. In an interview on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” Diesel was emotional as he remembered his brother once again.
“It’s funny because sometimes I’d post a picture on Facebook or talk about Pablo and people would say ‘just move on,'” he shared . “But the relationships in that franchise is so strong and the brotherhood so real that it transcends the experience of making of a movie in you. I spent 15 years going from a nobody to a somebody with a brother and then one day he’s gone.”
Vin Diesel’s brother Paul Walker died in a car crash in California in 2013 as reported by NBC News .

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