Parks and Recreation Season 7 Spoilers, Release Date, Cast : Jon Hamm Of ‘Mad Men’ Will Have Cameo [VIDEO]

“Parks And Recreation” Season 7 release date should be somewhere early in 2015.

Fans are suffering from a bittersweet excitement, anticipating the new season, but sad it will be the last.

Here is the roundup of everything currently going on in the show.

The most recent news is that John Hamm will be returning for at least one episode in Parks and Recreation  Season 7.

TV Over Mind reports, ” I f I have my way, every episode where you see events that take place before that moment will include a shot of him doing something insanely incompetent,” showrunner Mike Schur said after the show’s Season 6 finale, when he was asked about whether or not Hamm would appear again in Parks and Recreation Season 7.” In an interview with TV Line , Schur suggested that Chris and Ann may be making an appearance on the show.

“They were such a huge part of the show that I don’t think it would be appropriate to go a whole season without knowing what’s happening to them or seeing them.” In a more recent interview with TV Line, Schur said, ” We made a list of people that we needed to see back one more time.

We didn’t get everybody we wanted, because some people had other obligations.

But a lot of the people we were hoping to see one more time – we managed to make that happen.” TVLINE | Who else can we expect to see return? If you watch the show, you can probably take a few educated guesses.

You’re not going to go the whole year without seeing Jean-Ralphio.

You’re not going to go the whole year without seeing Megan Mullally.

But then there are a few sneak-attack surprises that I very much hope people don’t get wind of.

[ Laughs ] TVLINE | What was the mood like when you wrote the series finale? Did you feel pressured to create the perfect end for these characters? It’s been very stressful.

We watched a lot of finales of other shows in our writers’ room.

We’d have lunch and watch the Cheers  finale, the Six Feet Under  finale.

And we realized there’s no such thing as a perfect finale, but the ones that were the most satisfying are the ones where you spent time with the characters and luxuriated with them and ones where you felt like, at the end of it, you could imagine what happens next.

TV is a weird thing.

People are growing with you over many, many years.

And the best finales are ones where you can imagine the characters continuing to move on with their lives.

That became our goal: Let’s do a nice, character-based story where, at the end of it, you’re like, “OK, I feel like everyone is safe and happy.” [ Laughs ] TVLINE | What’s the atmosphere been like on set for these final episodes? It’s been exactly what you’d imagine.

A little bit exciting, a little bit sad, a little bit of people freaking out – all the stages of grief at once.

The show takes its cues from its lead actress and main character.

We’re all trying to Leslie Knope our way through it: Keep our chins up and soldier on.

Billy Eichner, who plays Craig, suggested that he will be back for season seven and would like to see Craig’s character evolve more.

“I’d like to flesh him out a little bit.

He kind of came on as a bit of a novelty almost, not knowing that he would be sticking around so long.

He’s a very polarizing character, which I kind of love, and we’ll see.

I’d like him to get fleshed out and figure out where he came from and figure out why he is the way he is,” Eichner told E! Other recent news from the show is that German actor and director Werner Herzog will have a cameo appearance.

Herzog shared the news during a Q&A at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday evening, according to Flavorwire .

“Just ten days ago I acted in a tiny cameo part in a TV show called, uh, ‘Parks and Recreation?'” the filmmaker reportedly said, going on to explain that he plays “an elderly guy who sells his decrepit house to the young couple who are the leading characters in this, and directly to the camera , I address the audience and I say, ‘You know, I lived in this home for 47 years.

And I decided to move out now and sell this because I’m moving to Orlando, Florida, to be close to Disney World.’ I’ve never seen the show, but I hope they kept some of it.” Recently the cast and crew was spotted around Chicago.

Ac cording to the Illinois Film Office .

Several cast members made the most out of their visit with a few scheduled appearances, with Chris Pratt throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game against the Milwaukee Brewers  and Aziz Ansari performing a pop-up show at the Vic .

If you were wondering why Tom wasn’t show in the three year time jump at the end of season 6, executive producer Michael Schur came right out and admitted to Entertainment Weekly back in April that  he specifically didn’t want Tom shown  in the jump forward.

“When we were discussing who should be in that scene, Tom was pretty quickly ruled out, I’ll say that.

For various reasons, we thought we should not see Tom in that scene.” The series announced back in August that Natalie Morales will reprise her role as Lucy , Tom’s bar-tending girlfriend from Season 2.

So maybe those two will get back together.

In other news, Cones of Dunshire, the overly complex board game featured in “Parks and Recreation” has become a real life game from the same company that made Settlers of Catan (the game Cones of Dunshire was parodying) Mayfair Games created a loose concept for the game, as Vulture reported last year .

While a commercial version of the game isn’t headed to stores, Mayfair did flesh out the concept and debut it at gaming convention GenCon, where 33 people paid $100 to participate.

“I don’t think that there was a plan to produce an actual game, and whatever cohesiveness there was to the content was almost an afterthought,” Alex Yeager of Mayfair told Nuvo , Indianapolis’ alt-weekly.

“As we’ve moved forward with our planning for this charity event, we’ve come to regret that a little bit!”Scott and Aziz Ansari, who plays Tom Haverford on the NBC comedy, even made an introductory video for the event.

“Parks and Recreation” season 7 will consist of only 13 episodes, so NBC is holding the show for a midseason premiere .

While the network has yet to announce an exact release date, season 7 is expected sometime in early 2015.

Production for the final season began  earlier this month.

In an interview with TV Line, the show’s executive producer Michael Schur commented on a Season 6 plot-line that never came to be, in which Ron and Diane scheme to hook Councilman Jamm and Tammy II up .

The premiere episde is titled “2017”  , and the second episode is titled “Ron & Jammy”  , so expect Megan Mullally will be reprising her role as Tammy 2.

Rachel Dratch (30 Rock, SNL) will guest star  on at least one episode.

And Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer will probably be scarce as Chris Pratt is suddenly incredibly busy.

Most interestingly the season will stop using  the mockumentary format .

“Parks and Recreation” will return to NBC in 2015.

Check back for more “Parks and Recreation” information as it becomes available.

In the meantime check out the season 6 blooper reel .

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