Park Yoochun Cleared of All 4 Rape Charges, Said C-JeS Entertainment

Park Yoochun Cleared of All 4 Rape Charges

Park Yoochun Cleared of All 4 Rape Charges, Said C-JeS Entertainment

  Park Yoochun has been cleared of all rape charges by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. The verdict was given on Monday, March 13. According to Koreaboo , Park Yoochun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment has revealed on March 16 that the idol has been acquitted of the rape accusations. On Jan. 1, the four accusers have been proven guilty of attempted blackmail and false accusations. According to Park Yoochun’s agency, the accusers have been sentenced for 2 years in prison. Unfortunately, the accusers are yet to be found – therefore, the 3 rd and 4 th lawsuits for the false accusations against the idol are still pending.
C-JeS Entertainment also added that Park Yoochun would like to extend his apologies to the public for not being a good public figure and for creating such a controversy that almost ruined his career. However, they also thanked all the fans of Park Yoochun for their unrelenting support for the idol. On June 2016, Park Yoochun was accused of rape by four women. This reportedly happened during his service in the military. According to the first accuser, Park Yoochun raped her in a bathroom of one adult entertainment establishment. Upon hearing this, fans were disgusted to the fact that an innocent idol would visit such establishment. Another accuser surfaced the following week saying that she too was raped by Park Yoochun in December 2015. “He said let’s go talk in the washroom because it was too loud in the room. When we were in there, I was thinking about how far I should let things go on for and then he raped me,” said the accuser. Throughout the following months, 2 more women stepped up and claimed that they too were raped by Park Yoochun. The whereabouts of the four accusers are still unknown at the moment. In other news, Park Yoochun was praised by the director of “Lucid Dream” Kim Joon Sung. According to Soompi , the director stated that Park Yoochun’s is an actor, not a singer. Because of Park Yoochun, director Kim Joon Sung’s prejudice against idols has disappeared. The director also hoped to work with Park Yoochun again in the near future.    

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