Park So Dam, Kim Go Eun, Han Ye Ri Among K-Actresses With Natural Beauty

Park So Dam

Park So Dam,  Kim Go Eun, Han Ye Ri Among K-Actresses With Natural Beauty

  Beauty trends change over time. Nowadays, Korean beauty standard has emerged to be the next level of goals. However, this new standard is not without flaw. Some people might still associate Korean beauty standard with extreme plastic surgery procedure. A lot of idols in South Korean entertainment industry admitted that they underwent plastic surgery to get a certain enhancement in their body parts. But, these 5 actresses are in the small majority that still believes the natural look is the best makeup any girl can get. Korea Boo has wrapped a list of actress who prefers the natural look over any other extreme beauty enhancement.
1. Park So Dam Park So Dam’s road to fame began when she starred in “The Priest”. Her great acting skill has earned her the Best New Actress Award in Blue Dragon Film Awards. Park So Dam’s beauty has made a lot of people praised her. People on the internet think it’s a good thing to know that there’s still an actress that doesn’t stick to Korean beauty standard stereotype. Park So Dam still looks gorgeous and dashing even with her short hair and unique style. 2. Kim Go Eun The “Goblin” actress recently made her way to the list of one of Korea’s most popular actresses. Kim Go Eun is eager to show her true self with his unique beauty without any extreme enhancement. With her lovely visage and natural make-up look, Kim Go Eun emerges as the new Korean beauty standard. 3. Han Ye Ri Han Ye Ri is the proof of a timeless beauty. The 29-year-old actress still looks as fresh as teenage idols that make her lands countless acting roles as a much younger character. 4. Park Shin Hye Who wouldn’t have fallen for Park Shin Hye ? The actress that made her acting debut in “Stairway to Heaven” has stolen everyone’s attention with her outstanding acting skill and youthful beauty. 5. Lee Young Ae Lee Young Ae might be a veteran actress in the entertainment industry. The actress who’s known for her performance in the historical drama “Jewel in the Palace” still has that youthful look that could make every girl wants her to be their beauty goals. Do you agree with this list? Which one of these five actresses has the best natural look?     

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