Park Bo Gum News: ‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds’ Actor Confirmed To Appear In ‘Infinite Challenge’ Episode

Park Bo Gum News: 'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' Actor Confirmed To Appear In 'Infinite Challenge' Episode

Park Bo Gum News: 'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds' Actor Confirmed To Appear In 'Infinite Challenge' Episode

Park Bo Gum has been confirmed as a guest in an upcoming episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge.” The “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” actor has been spotted filming in a resort in Pyeongchang and netizens already cannot contain their excitement for the episode. According to Soompi , the leaked photos show Park Bo Gum wearing the same uniform as the cast members which led to the conclusion that he was going to participate in an episode of the popular show.  The show’s production also confirmed the actor will be joining them.
“Park Bo Gum did film on this day with the rest of the ‘Infinite Challenge’ cast members in Pyeongchang,” the statement said. “They all had a great time filming together.” The episode will reportedly be the Pyeongchang Olympics episode. The special episode will show the cast and Park Bo Gum as they compete in a series of events and missions at the Pyeongchang Olympics Stadium where the 2018 Olympics will be held. It can be recalled that Park Bo Gum recently appeared in an episode of “Running Man” when a mission brought Lee Kwangsoo and Song Ji Hyo to the office of Blossom Entertainment to pick up “Descendants of the Sun” DVDs that Song Joong Ki signed for Kwangsoo’s dad. Kwangsoo was tasked with the mission to secure a sofa for the resting place that the “Running Man” team won in the last episode, Kpopstarz reported. As Lee Kwangsoo was about to leave the office, he bumped into Park Bo Gum and the men exchanged greetings. Kwangsoo asked Bo Gum for his autograph to add to Song Joong Ki and Jo In Sung’s signatures that his dad wanted in exchange for the sofa. Kwangsoo was surprised that Park Bo Gum turned out to be a fan of the show and also asked him for his signature which he affixed on his nametag. Not only did Park Bo Gum give Kwangsoo his autograph for his dad, the young actor also gave him snacks and drinks to take with him on the drive back. Many viewers admired “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” for being so polite and humble but it remains to be seen how he will perform when he is tasked to compete in the “Infinite Challenge.”     

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