Paris Jackson’s Feud With Brother Prince Continues? Michael Jackson’s Daughter Can’t Tolerate Sibling?

Paris Jackson's Feud With Brother Prince Continues? Michael Jackson's Daughter Can't Tolerate Sibling?
Paris Jackson's Feud With Brother Prince Continues? Michael Jackson's Daughter Can't Tolerate Sibling?

Reports about the alleged feud between Michael Jackson’s children continue as Paris Jackson reportedly could not stand her brother Prince’s partying ways.

A report from Radar Online  claimed that the siblings are no longer on speaking terms.

The report claimed, “She cannot tolerate her brother and says that he is disgracing their father’s legacy.

The family is doing everything that they can to keep Paris away from Prince because they do not want her to go down the wrong path again.” Accordingly, Paris Jackson disapproves of brother Prince’s behavior after inheriting the millions from Michael Jackson’s estate.

Since returning from her rehab in Utah, Paris Jackson has been living with legal guardian, Katherine Jackson, along with Prince and younger brother, Blanket.

Because of their feud, Paris Jackson and brother Prince are not speaking terms, the article noted.

“Apparently, Paris has become the most mature member of the family, and everyone is very ‘pleased’ with how she’s turned out,” said Celebrity Dirty Laundry .

“However, they’re not as ‘pleased’ with how Prince has turned out, largely because he’s been partying and acting up after becoming ‘legal,'” the report added.

“And considering Paris’ history, it’s not shocking that she wouldn’t want to be around any of that.

However, it seems like this type of sibling feud will only last so long, especially since Paris and Prince were supposedly close in the past.” At least, Paris Jackson has somebody to distract her from the feud with brother Prince because she’s reportedly spending a lot of time with soccer player boyfriend Chester Castellaw.

The insider claimed, “The family is incredibly grateful for him.

They really like Chester and he treats her like a princess.

He is the perfect distraction from her brother’s antics.” “Paris acts very much like an adult and her family is super pleased with the way she has turned out.”

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