Paragon’s New KPop Character Getting Mix Of Reactions From Gamers

Paragon's New KPop Character Getting Mix Of Reactions From Gamers

Paragon's New KPop Character Getting Mix Of Reactions From Gamers

“Paragon”, a multiplayer online battle game, is known to introduce a new character to the game every three weeks. However this time, the character is reported to be a female KPop character that is named Shinbi. This is surely a big surprise knowing that this kind of character is not usually incorporated in the game. According to WCCF Tech , Shinbi will be the latest addition to “Paragon”.
In the recently revealed trailer, one can easily recognize that Shinbi’s background is inspired by a KPop star sensation. Though her character is not really that fancy, just like what real-life KPop stars are, she still gets the attention she deserves, because of her unusually background. According to Kotaku , the new character’s skills are like that of a melee assassin. This shows that she is more than just your average KPop sensation, as she got what it takes to be called as one of the bad ass characters in the game. Line Tempo and Rushing Beat are two of her most powerful skills. It deals straight line damage, which makes it very useful in chasing down fleeing opponents. This just shows that Shinbi has what it takes to easily take down opponents. On the other hand, Circle Rhythm is also a very formidable skill as it can damage enemies that are around her, in one single blow. Her ultimate skill is known as the All-Kill, which features a mix of active and passive traits. “Paragon” stands by its protocol to release a new character every three weeks. With knowing this, players can expect to have another new character by March 14. Hopefully, the next character be more positively received by critics and players alike. “Paragon” sure knows how to introduce several improvements to the game, in turn, attracting new players to try the game out.

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