‘Owari No Seraph’ Or ‘Seraph Of The End’ Anime Episode 6 Review: A Transition For Yuichiro, Yoichi, And Kimizuki

'Owari No Seraph' Or 'Seraph Of The End' Anime Episode 6 Review: A Transition For Yuichiro
'Owari No Seraph' Or 'Seraph Of The End' Anime Episode 6 Review: A Transition For Yuichiro

  Episode 6 “New Family” At the risk of being boring, this week’s episode of “Seraph of the End” went for the most subtle transformation possible in its characters.

Kimizuki is somewhat neglected, but this is likely due to the source material (the original manga series by Takaya Kagami) also not focusing just yet on the development of the third member of the newly formed Japanese Demon Army team.

It almost doesn’t matter however because Yuichiro is a perfectly flawed and interesting protagonist.

Most of “New Family” focuses on Yoichi’s battle with demons, but Yuichiro’s internal struggle is intricately portrayed.

Given that Yuichiro faced a demon before, this encounter needed to be much more intriguing – and it was.

Firstly, there’s the actual conflict with the demon (who is later revealed to be Asuramasa).

The demon’s tactic to get Yuichiro to give up his “human” emotions such as love and protectiveness is actually not a cheap tactic.

In the way that Kimizuki’s demon’s approach is somewhat obvious, this tactic is one that could actually threaten Yuichiro’s resolve.

The presence of a real threat subsequently makes his perseverance that much more inspiring to watch.

Secondly, there’s the interaction once the demon agrees to work with Yuichiro.

Being friends with a demon is not uncommon in the fantasy genre, but because of the setup with how threatening and simultaneously understanding she is, their bond is immediately believable.

Aside from the brilliant journey with Yuichiro, action fans are offered yet another well animated action sequence where the group is tasked with fighting a demon that has taken over Yoichi’s body.

There’s plenty to be said about the feelings evoked by Yoichi’s perseverance, but it is especially heartwarming that it is Ichinose who offers the ultimate advice to free him from the demon.

Overall, this was another well-paced episode of “Seraph of the End.” Despite the clunky portion involving Kimizuki, Yuichiro and Yoichi’s story arcs more than make up for it.     

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