Oscars 2015: Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ Movie May Grab Acting Nominations For Amy Adams And Christoph Waltz

Although Tim Burton is mainly known for his dark and quirky style, he does have a few more serious dramas under his belt.

As a sort of warning, fans who loved either “Beetlejuice” or “Edward Scissorhands” should use caution when approaching his latest film “Big Eyes.”

Although “Big Eyes” won’t hit theaters until December, the Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz art film received its world premiere Thursday night in Los Angeles.

So far, a lot of critics have positive things to say about Tim Burton’s latest live action film, especially the performance of the film’s two stars.

Waltz is no stranger to the Oscar stand as he already has two golden statues under his belt, but what are the chances that Amy Adams can finally secure a win in the Best Actress category? Last year when Amy Adams was promoting her role in “American Hustle,” she talked about the oddness that some people did not view her as a sexual being until that film.

“I never fought for or against playing a sexual or sensual woman, it’s just there hadn’t been one offered to me that felt like it came from an authentic place and wasn’t there just to serve the male characters,” Adams told The Telegraph .

Perhaps it is that admirable dedication to playing more complete representations of women that has earned the actress multiple Oscar nominations, including one for the role in “American Hustle.” Unfortunately, she has yet to win in the Best Actress category, but that may change with her role in “Big Eyes.” Film School Rejects had nothing but praise for “The Fighter” actress’ performance: “Adams more than convincingly internalizes this conflict.

It’s fitting this is a movie about an artist who believes the eyes are the window into a person’s soul, because Adams’ performance fully reinforces that belief.” They go on: “The rejection, joy and pain she experiences is all in the pupils.

Since she’s playing a reserved character, the eyes are where Adams’ performance lives and breathes.” Given that kind of review with additional backing from Harvey Weinstein, “Big Eyes” is shaping up to at least be an Oscar contender for acting.

The Tim Burton film starring Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams hits theaters December 25.


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