Oscars 2015: Steve Carell Says He’ll Thank Howard Stern If He Wins Best Actor Oscar For ‘Foxcatcher’ Movie, Channing Tatum Calls ‘The Office’ Star ‘Sweet And Giving’ Despite Eerie On Set Presence

This weekend marks the release of Sony Picture Classic’s “Foxcatcher” movie, which has been garnering a lot of Oscar buzz for its actor Steve Carell.

Recently he was interviewed on Howard Stern about how he might feel if he won the Oscar for Best Actor this year, in which Carell as usual had a humorous yet heartfelt response.

It’s just as well considering that even his co-star Channing Tatum finds Carell to be a pleasant person to be around.

In a transcript from The Hollywood Reporter , Steve Carell and Howard Stern got along well in their interview about “Foxcatcher.” “I would love to get nominated, I’ll be honest with you – I think it’d be really, really cool,” said Carell.

“One of the main reasons it would be cool is because my folks are 89, and that would be such a cool thing.” Howard Stern then expressed support for Carell’s campaign and joked that the “Foxcatcher” actor should thank him in his theoretical acceptance speech for Best Actor to which Carell warmly replied, “I’ll make you a deal.

If that happens, I will thank you.” Steve Carell’s warmth despite the cold and calculating character of Olympic wrestling benefactor John du Pont is perhaps testament to his worthiness of an Academy Award.

Even his co-star Channing Tatum recently commented on what it’s like to be around Carell, especially after spending months only interacting with him as the eerie John du Pont.

“We’re just so much lighter, because we’re not having to hold these people up.

It is so much fun to hang out with the guy.

He’s so sweet and giving,” said Tatum to the New York Times .

Based on how well Steve Carell seems to be doing during these promotions, it’s probably likely that he will at least be nominated for Best Actor at next year’s Academy Awards, if he doesn’t outright win.

“Foxcatcher” will hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles on November 14.


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