Oscar Pistorius Murder Case [UPDATE]: Reeva Steenkamp’s Mom Defends Self For Accepting Money From ‘Blade Runner;’ Paralympian At Odds With ‘Notorious Czech Fugitive’ In Prison

Oscar Pistorius’  murder case might still drag on as the prosecution files for a motion questioning the sentence, but outside of the courtroom, Reeva Steenkamp’s mom is defending herself for accepting money from the man who murdered her daughter.

Meanwhile, “Blade Runner” is at odds with a notorious Czech fugitive in prison.

According to the Oscar Pistorius murder case update from The Mirror , June Steenkamp hated accepting blood money from Oscar Pistorius but they had no choice.

Her husband, Barry, suffered a stroke just two months after their daughter was murdered.

With no income coming in, they were evicted from their house.

Since March 2013, they have been receiving £340 from Pistorius’ estate.

But they refused his offer of £21,000 from the sale of his vehicle.

“We didn’t have much choice.

We were in such a bad way; we didn’t even have food on the table.

It was that or starve,” she said.

“I wasn’t happy about it and it did make me uncomfortable.

But we are going to pay back every single cent.” “That’s how I look at it and live with it now.” But she said that even with the blood money, “My child was priceless.

He can’t buy her life.” Meanwhile, in the wake of the Oscar Pistorius murder case sentence, its seems the Paralympian is quickly making friends at the maximum security cell at the Kgosi Mapuru II prison in Pretoria.

Radovan Krejcir, described by the National Post  as a “notorious Czech fugitive who is charged with kidnapping and attempted murder,” complained about his bicycle and treadmill being taken away from him in favor of Oscar Pistorius.

This prompted him to write a complaint letter to prison officials as he claimed.

“My equipment was offered to Mr Oscar Pistorius, to train on, on his arrival at this facility …

without my knowledge.

I did not object to Mr Pistorius utilising my equipment after he arrived at this facility and in fact Mr Pistorius and I started training together.” But that was before the equipment was removed from his cell altogether, as he wrote: “I have been deprived of my training since November 9 2014 as a result of this unfounded and unexplainable change, which I submit has been directed at me, in just another form of mental and emotional torture.”

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