Orphan Black Season 3 Spoilers: Major Character’s Death Propels Show In Unexpected Direction

Orphan Black Season 3 Spoilers: Major Character's Death Propels Show In Unexpected Direction
Orphan Black Season 3 Spoilers: Major Character's Death Propels Show In Unexpected Direction

The latest episode of “Orphan Black” season 3 killed off one main character and set Sarah off on a different, unexpected path.

To recap, Paul (Dylan Bruce) realized that Project Castor was using its male clones to experiment on unsuspecting women, and when he tried to end the project, he was betrayed by the friends he thought he had who were on the inside.

When they discovered the betrayal, he and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) encountered a male Castor clone which ended with Paul getting stabbed.

As the two were about to escape the facility, Paul sacrificed himself throwing himself over a grenade to kill as many Castor operatives as he could.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , the show’s co-creator, John Fawcett, revealed that more shocking incidents like these are in store for the audiences of the show.

“That’s what makes great storytelling, [we] we have strived to do,” Fawcett shared.

” Also, [to] keep people off-guard, and never certain.” “I don’t like people getting too comfortable,” he added.

“We like that people tune in to our show, and they don’t know what they’re going to get.

They don’t know where we’re going to take them.” “That’s part of the fun of the show, and something we can continue to do,” he continued.

What [the recent events]  does is it’s such a big emotional explosion for Sarah, and it sends her on a different course.” The showrunner also revealed that the events in the latest episode also served to push Sarah closer and closer to the “drama of the finale.” “This teamed with the fact that she’s had this strange vision of Beth, this is pushing her towards the end of the season,” Fawcett explained.

In fact, the loss of Paul motivated Sarah more than ever to become the person she was meant to be.

Her character will be instrumental in making sure that she and the rest of her clone sisters survive.

“Sarah’s driven now,” he shared.

“She is the one who has been pushed into this position to keep the sisterhood safe, and be the one on the front line, doing the tough work, looking for the answers, to try and preserve the health and safety of the clones.”

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