Oppo N3 Release Date: New Flagship Will Be First Smartphone To Use Aluminum Alloy Used In Planes, Would Make It Incredibly Light

The Oppo N3 release date is just around the corner, and as early as now, we are already getting a lot of hints as to what the new flagship is all about.

In previous teaser images of the new smartphone, the Chinese manufacturer implies that it will offer some features that might be out of this world.

However in a new report by GSM Arena, Oppo almost confirms that its primary focus for the development of the Oppo N3 is weight.  According to the report, a new teaser image includes the smartphone’s body (without the batteries or any of its covers to hide its ‘identity’) as it is being carried up in the sky by a bunch of balloons.

If this tells us anything, it is that the Oppo high-end device should be one of the lightest smartphones in market in respect of its size.  In previous reports, the new Oppo N3 is said to boast aluminum-lithium alloy for its body.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because the same alloy is used to build the frame of airplanes, such as the Boeing 777x.  In the report, the Chinese phone maker claims that aluminum-lithium will only be one-third the density of stainless steel, so expect the smartphone to be very light.  Aside from the N3, Oppo is also rumored to be working on another midranger dubbed the R5.  It is a busy season for Oppo as it aims to build on its solid start in the year with unique releases like the Oppo Find 7, 7a, R1 and N1 mini.  The only thing that keeps the phone from really exploding is its inconsistent and oftentimes steep pricing.

Otherwise, it has all the tools to become a top three manufacturer in China and even crack the world’s top 10 phone makers.

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