OnStyle ‘Get It Beauty 2017: Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Honey Lee, Sandara Park, & Lee Se Young Set To MC!

OnStyle 'Get It Beauty 2017: Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong

OnStyle 'Get It Beauty 2017: Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Honey Lee, Sandara Park, & Lee Se Young Set To MC!

OnStyle’s upcoming event “Get It Beauty 2017” has a final set of MC. This includes gugudan’s  Kim Sejeong, Honey Lee, Sandara Park (2NE1), and Lee Se Young. During the production press conference held on Friday, Feb. 17, producing director (PD) Oh Kwan Jin revealed the new direction. Expect that the show would be both informative and entertaining, Soompi reports. Activities during the event includes blind tests and the cast will also drive out to meet with viewers directly. 
Lee has been an MC for the program since 2015. During the press con, this will be her third year as an MC of the show. Despite she’s not a neophyte in this show, she revealed that there’s an added pressure and responsibility.  “Although there will be more depth, I hope to do it in a fun way. I’m nervous, but I’ll work hard for a better ‘Get It Beauty.’ Lee said. Lee Se Young did not make it to the press con because of a conflict in schedule. However, in a video interview, she revealed she wants to become a veteran through “Get It Beauty”  and she added she is looking forward to it. 2NE1 member Park also expressed same sentiments. She said  she’s a cosmetic maniac, “but there’s still a lot that’s inadequate.” She added that she’s hoping to learn a lot.  Meanwhile, Sejeong said she was easygoing and boyish that’s why she had no interest in beauty. But soon, she became good at it and had a great interest in it.   Speaking about Honey Lee, she has been reported that she wants G-Dragon to invite on “Get It Beauty 2017.” According to the latest news , the actress and model Lee said, “If Sandara handles this well, I believe she can convince G-Dragon to appear on the show.” 

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