Onew And Seungyeun Love Tandem For ‘Generation Of Youth 2’

Onew And Seungyeun Love Tandem For 'Generation Of Youth 2'

Onew And Seungyeun Love Tandem For 'Generation Of Youth 2'

Recent reports have it that Onew might finally be the love tandem that Seungyeun is waiting for the “Generation of Youth 2.” Because of this, the two idols’ fan bases are already going crazy over the possibility that they might really be working together. This is because of the cute and perfect chemistry that the two have. According to All K-pop , Onew has been reported to receive a proposal from the production staff of “Generation of Youth 2.” The proposal is said to be about becoming a love interest of Seungyeun. Furthermore, it is also stated that he will take the role of an engineering college student in the drama.
SM Entertainment also stated that they have been finding the perfect fit for the role for quite some time now. And now that Onew has been spotted, it seems like they have already found the perfect person for the role. It is also reported that the main characters from season 1 will be returning in the next season. Specifically speaking, four out of the five girls will be coming back. This has delighted fans as they can once again see their idols on TV. Meanwhile, according to Scoop Nest , Hwayoung is said to also be coming back. However, she won’t be a regular cast because she will only be a special guest of the drama series. The second season of “Generation of Youth 2” will be airing this coming August. For sure, this will once again get high TV ratings, knowing that most of the main characters will be back, while Onew and Seungyeun might possibly be the love tandem. With all of these being said, let’s wish “Generation of Youth 2” and all of the cast of the drama series, the best of luck. For sure, it will still not cease to amaze its viewers.

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