‘One Piece’ Chapter 805 Spoilers: Straw Hats, Law And Minks To Unite Against Enemies At Whale Forest?

'One Piece' Chapter 805 Spoilers: Straw Hats

'One Piece' Chapter 805 Spoilers: Straw Hats, Law And Minks To Unite Against Enemies At Whale Forest?

It’s time of the week again and for fans craving for some “One Piece” chapter 805 spoilers, read on.
Last chapter, the group finally arrives on top of the massive elephant carrying the city of Zou. The group is surprised to find out that the city looked like it was intruded due to the busted up gates.

Once inside, Zoro and Law detect an incoming enemy. Carrot, a minkman, attacks Zoro and was able to dodge his attack. As they were about to go slug it out, Carrot was stopped by a fellow minkman that wears similar dress with Nami as she informed her comrade that the enemies are on Whale Forest.
Now, fans over at Oro Jackson shared each of their theories and here are some of the most plausible predictions for “One Piece” chapter 805 spoilers.
According to user Tv-crimes , Law and the others follow the two minks on their destination to find out who the enemy is. Then, the two samurais from Wano finds out that the monkey is the one Carrot was referring to last chapter.
“Nami mink and Carrot head to Whale forest and Franky, Law and the others follow them. Luffy is wandering around the empty city. Kinemon and Kanjuro talk to the monkey and he introduces himself as Bariete.”
Also, the antagonists of this arc will be revealed and they might be the group pursuing Sanji and company who are likely to be part of Kaidou’s group. Will Law and company arrive on time to back-up the other half of the Straw Hat crew?
“We see Zoro wondering how Carrot dodged his attack while still following them to the whale forest. Chapter ends as we see ‘the intruders’ Kaido’s men standing in front of Sanji, ready to fight.”
“One Piece” chapter 805 spoilers will be released on Oct. 29.

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