One Direction Zayn Malik’s Engagement To Perrie Edwards Will End In Divorce According To Rizzle Kicks [VIDEO]

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Harley Alexander-Sule and Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks predict “divorce” when weighing in on the recent engagement of One Direction’s Zayne Malik and girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

The singers of “Down with the Trumpets” are positive that Edwards’ relationship with the 1D crooner would only last “[no more than] three years.” Stephens, 21, is certain that the engagement has no where to go but down hill.

“I don’t know what’s going on there,” said Stephens.

“That’s called a disaster waiting to happen…

walking inevitability.” Alexander-Sule, also 21, chimed in suggesting that the marriage would only end they way a majority of horrible celebrity marriages do.

“She’s gonna get paid when they get divorced,” he said.

Although Stephens believes Malik and Edwards make “a great couple,” he strongly thinks that the two should’ve definitely waited to make such a life changing decision.

“Looking at statistics and on paper I’m going to go ahead and…

put a wager on them not lasting more than three years,” he said.

“I’m sorry guys, I like you both as people but I don’t think it will work.” Additionally, the band thought the tattoo Malik got of Edwards’ face was flat out “ridiculous.” Rizzle Kicks opinion is coming right after One Direction made a guest appearance on NBC’s “Today” and Malik divulged that he had yet to make wedding plans.

“We’re really happy,” he told “Today.” “Yeah.

It’s cool.”

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