Odell Beckham Makes Catch Of The Year: New York Giants Rookie Receiver Stuns Cowboys Defenders With Amazing One Handed Catch; Goes Down In NFL History [PHOTO]

This past Sunday, New York Giants rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

went down in NFL history.

He is now thought to have made one of the greatest catches ever – a one-handed backwards catch that intercepted the trajectory of Eli Manning’s 43-yard pass.

Dallas Cowboys defenders watched hopelessly as Beckham contorted his body and reached his oversized hand into the path of the ball, finally falling into the end zone with ball in hand.

According to Yahoo Sports , Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church had a great view of the catch.

He stated, “I was right there.

It was a heck of a play by him.

The concentration of him going back with one hand and catching that thing and still be able to get in the end zone?” Church continued , “At first I was like, ‘OK, he had a great catch, whatever,’ …

but when I saw it on the big screen it was just ridiculous.” LSU football coach Les Miles says that this is nothing out of the ordinary, at least coming from Beckham.

He explained to MMBQ that Beckham is especially well suited for one-handed catches due to his unusually large hands.

Standing at 5’11”, Beckham has 10-inch hands.

After the catch, Miles assured reporters, “…Anyone who has coached Odell, played against Odell, worked out with Odell will tell you his ball skills are exceptional and rare.

We saw in practice.

We would stop and watch these one-handed catches Odell and Jarvis would make in practice.

Let me tell you, it was nothing you have ever seen in other players.

That’s why their old teammates would say today, ‘We have seen this before.'” What does Beckham himself have to say on the subject? About an hour after the game, he told the press, “I saw a picture of it, and it kind of felt like just my fingertips had it.

I felt it on those three fingers.

But I never felt like the ball wasn’t secure.

I knew I had it.” He continued, “I hope it’s not the greatest catch [of all time].

I hope I can make more.”          

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