NU’EST’s Film “Their Distance” & Will Debut in Korean Theatres in September

NU'EST's Film "Their Distance" & Will Debut in Korean Theatres in September

NU'EST's Film

NU'EST's Film

The popularity of “ Produce 101 Season 2 ” has resulted in the opening of a movie in Korea! The now popular Korean boy group  NU’EST  filmed in Japan for “ Their Distance ” and it will be released in Korea with the title, “ I Like You, You ” in September CGV confirmed. The movie premiered in late 2015th, and will finally get the opportunity to play in Korean theaters. The film’s director was able to achieve 2,239% of the funding target and therefore, the goal for the film to be released in Korea has become a reality.
The movie expresses the pain of being young and in love, with NU’EST  members being 4 of the 7 main characters. Choi Mink i plays the lead character Leon, who is an apprentice shoemaker who meets a mysterious drunk woman, sleeping on the bench where he always eats his lunch.

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