Nude Photos Of Park Joon Hyung’s Daughter Leaked Online

Nude Photos Of Park Joon Hyung's Daughter Leaked Online

Nude Photos Of Park Joon Hyung's Daughter Leaked Online

Nude photos of g.o.d leader Park Joon Hyung have been leaked on the internet but unlike many celebrity scandals, there is no need to worry. Park Joon Hyung himself posted the image of his daughter and granted her permission to appear nude, but just once. According to All Kpop , the proud babydaddy Park Joon Hyung posted the adorable snap of his baby daughter to illustrate his joy in welcoming his baby girl to the world. “Yo Lil Princess~ I’ll grant u permission just this once to take a nude shot like this since you’re only 13 days old but never again Nawmsayin? LOL BBBAAAMMM~!!!” the rapper captioned the baby pic on Instagram.
Park Soo Hyung has been married his wife, a flight attendant in 2015. The couple only welcomed their first baby this month so it comes as no surprise that the new father is super excited about the new addition to his family. In another interview , Park Soo Hyung admitted that he came to many realizations when he became a father. He said that the birth of her daughter made him re-evaluate his definition of maturity and becoming an adult. The artist acknowledged that welcoming his baby daughter into the world came with many additional responsibilities but he is learning to face them all head on as a challenge. Park Soo Hyung, in particular, said, that his view on maturity and becoming a man has evolved over the years. Park Soo Hyung said that his definition of maturity now does not involve having a deep voice or living seriously like what many believe. He said that being an adult man is so much more than that. “A real adult man is someone who takes responsibility for his actions and goes to his heart,” he said. Park Soo Hyung also proudly said that his daughter looks a lot like him.     

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