NS Yoon-G Talks About Career Status, Gives Encouraging Speech For Fans! [Watch]

NS Yoon-G Talks About Career Status

NS Yoon-G Talks About Career Status, Gives Encouraging Speech For Fans! [Watch]

NS Yoon-G has been around the entertainment industry for quite some time now, yet she still feels insignificant. She shared more about this during her recent appearance on “As I Say”. NS Yoon-G made an appearance on JTBC’s “As I Say” (also known as “Talking Street”) on Feb. 15. She discussed her career status on the aforementioned show. NS Yoon-G introduced herself as a star that has been on the rise for 8 years, reports Soompi . She once searched for her name on the internet and stumbled on a related term that said “The reason why NS Yoon-G is not getting popular.” NS Yoon-G then started to think that the public felt sorry for her and it gave her too much stress.
NS Yoon-G also shared that she was even diagnosed with Otolithiasis because of the stress. Otolithiasis is a disorder that affects a person’s physical balance and kinesthetic sense which is associated with a feeling of dizziness. NS Yoon-G expressed how tough it was to please everyone. One example she gave was when she was transitioning to her sexy image. NS Yoon-G trained for an album for over 2 months, but when time came for her to show what she practiced, she was widely criticized for what she wore – with one person even saying that NS Yoon-G is only wearing clothes because she’s required to. Ouch! NS Yoon-G also expressed how she became obsessed with rankings and number, reports Koreaboo . She revealed that she came into the entertainment industry around the time girl groups 2NE1  and Secret  did and whenever they ranked first on the music charts Yoon-G would always be standing behind the music show, congratulating them. Eventually, NS Yoon-G flew to America to escape from her frustrations. She then retired from the entertainment industry in 2015. It was then Yoon-G’s mother that made her realize that seeing her fans’ smiling happy faces while she performs on stage made her happy. NS Yoon-G returned to Korea last year to make something good of herself. Check her encouraging speech below.

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