‘No Man’s Sky’ Gameplay Expected To Impress Despite Release Date Delays

'No Man's Sky' Gameplay Expected To Impress Despite Release Date Delays

'No Man's Sky' Gameplay Expected To Impress Despite Release Date Delays

Due to its ambitious intergalactic gameplay, “No Man’s Sky” has become one of the most anticipated games. Last year’s E3 event showcased its gameplay, which showed the different planets a player could travel to, the planet’s environment and how to control the ship. Recently on the PlayStation Experience or the PSX event, a gameplay video was shown, which featured Hello Games’ Sean Murray and Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida. According to Franchise Herald , the two talked about the new updates so far.
The PSX video can be viewed below. In the video, Murray discussed the different aspects of the game from space travel to planet exploration. Yoshida also played a little bit, firing his gun at robot drones and getting his character killed in the process. He described it as “amazing to watch” and “fun to play.” In this new “No Man’s Sky” update, players will start in a random part of the universe. From there, they will be scavenging for materials and supplies to build better engines to upgrade the player’s spaceship, which in turn can bring it to more star systems. In the video, Murray also stated that individuals who will play this game will have to choose to explore, pillage or destroy. Players will have to use some or all of these methods to accomplish the goal, which is to travel towards the center of the universe. Furthermore, it was reported by Yibada  that the game has 18 quintillion planets to travel to. Each of those planets will have unique living forms. In addition to the gameplay update, the game is “possible” to have an Xbox One edition. A director of Xbox, Chris Charla, has said that “he would love to see” it on their recent-generation console, reported Australia Network . “When we talk to developers, we try to be really transparent,” said Charla. “No Man’s Sky” will be launched on the PS4 and PC and its release date is on June 2016, according to sources.

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