Nina Dobrev’s Romance With Ian Somerhalder’s Friend Not Going Public Anytime Soon? ‘Vampire Diaries’ In Danger Following Ex Lovers Split?

Nina Dobrev’s romance with Ian Somerhalder has been feasted by the tabloids for some time now.

But there’s an added complication to the already tensed relationship as she’s reportedly dating her ex’s good friend, Mark Foster.

Will this end “Vampire Diaries” for good?

The Celebrity Dirty Laundry  said Mark Foster entering the picture will really be interesting even if Nina Dobrev has not made any confirmation to the rumors.

“It makes sense that Nina would try to keep her private life under wraps as much as possible, considering how many times she’s been burned by the media post Ian Somerhalder breakup,” it said.

“Plus, some of her fans are batshit insane …

and think that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are meant to get back together.” Nina Dobrev’s romance with Ian Somerhalder ended in split and he found himself in the arms of Nikki Reed, who’s also a friend of his “Vampire Diaries” co-star and former flame.

“Most of the general public still doesn’t know about Nina Dobrev’s new boyfriend, or the fact that she even has a new boyfriend.

There are no pictures of them being couple-y,” it said.

“And honestly, there is absolutely no proof to back up the fact that this romance exists.” Meanwhile, according to Inquisitr , even if Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder put their differences aside for “The Vampire Diaries,” her “relationship with Mark Foster could mean trouble for the show if Somerhalder gets upset about his friend dating his ex-girlfriend.” “Maybe one day in the future Nina and Ian can get back to being friends, but as for now, it seems it may be important for them to maintain a professional relationship – and nothing more,” the website added.

The failed romance between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder was cited as a reason for the tension between the two, especially since Nikki Reed has been visiting the set and engaging in a PDA with her boyfriend which added to the awkwardness, multiple reports said.

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