Nina Dobrev Going To ‘The Originals’! ‘Vampire Diaries’ Actress Set For Crossover To CW Spin-Off

  Looks like there’s going to be a major mix-up at the CW.

“Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev is reportedly going to do a cross-over at the network’s fellow vampire series “The Originals.”

Showrunner of “The Originals,” Julie Plec, recently told E! News that the epic crossover is in the works for the fifth episode of the upcoming season.

And it appears that Nina Dobrev, who has played Elena, Katherine Pierce, and Amara on “The Vampire Diaries,” will be playing yet another doppelgänger when she makes the big crossover.  “There’s a lot of people that could cross over, and when we plan our crossovers, we like to think of the most clever way to integrate The Vampire Diaries mythology into The Originals mythology,” Plec tells us.

“There was a character’s name introduced a long time ago in season three in association with Klaus [Joseph Morgan] and Elijah [Daniel Gillies] and how they became vampires and a girl that they both loved a long time ago who was the original doppelgänger, Tatia.

So Nina Dobrev will be visiting The Originals for a nice little storyline in our fifth episode which airs November 3.” Plec also hinted that Dobrev’s character Tatia is going to be involved in a situation that will be quite familiar to the fans of the “TVD”/”Originals” universe: a love triangle.  “What we remember from The Vampire Diaries , for those who watch both shows, is that [Klaus and Elijah] both loved her, so it’s a little bit of history repeating itself like with Stefan [Paul Wesley] and Damon [Ian Somerhalder],” explained Plec.

“And then Esther [Alice Evans], their mother, killed her so that she could make Klaus not a hybrid.

There’s lots of secrets and scandal and romance and terrible tragedy attached to her character.

We’ll get to go back into the past to see how that all played out.” Regarding why it has taken so long for the two series to feature this type of crossover event, Plec stated that she prefers to let story dictate the direction of “The Originals,” not gimmicks.

“We made a rule at the very beginning, like, ‘Let’s not be number whores or number grabbers,'” stated Pled.

“We don’t want to be doing crossovers for the sake of, ‘Look at us!’ You know? But in this particular case, the character of Tatia is part of their history and is kind of a dangling chad.

It’s something we brought up a long time ago and never paid off.” Dobrev is set to appear on “The Originals” on Monday, Nov.

3 at 8pm.


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