Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s Failure To Procreate Considered A Good Thing? 98 Degrees Frontman Relieved That He Didn’t Have Kids With Ex-Wife

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were once deemed inseparable that their romance even led to the reality show, “The Newlyweds.” However, the couple parted ways in 2005 and have already remarried.

Nine years after their failed marriage, the 98 Degrees frontman unexpectedly said that failing to procreate with the “Public Affair” songstress was the “best thing.”  “I think in our situation, that was probably the best thing that could have ever happened is that we didn’t have kids,” he told SiriusM radio show as reported by E! Online .

The 41-year-old went on to explain his statement: “All things being equal, it was the best thing probably for the both of us that we went on with our lives and she’s obviously happily married with two [kids].

I’m happy married about to have two so it all worked out the way it was supposed to work out.” It is unknown why Lachey came up with such thinking.

After all, he is about to father a second child with his wife Vanessa Minnillo.

Lachey even praised his other half earlier this year.

“My wife’s maternal side is a new dynamic to her personality.

It’s definitely made her even sexier,” he told Parents  magazine.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson started dating in 1999.

They married in 2002 but their reality show along with other issues caused their union to crumble.

Simpson then married retired NFL player Eric Johnson last July.

They also have two kids, Ace Knute and Maxwell Drew.

While Lachey’s words about his ex-wife might come off as harsh, he claims that there’s no bad blodd between them: “We’ve both moved on with our lives and I think we’re very happy with the way it went.

It’s not animosity, it’s not friendship, it’s just kind of nothing.” What do you think of Lachey’s comments about Simpson?

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