Nick Jonas Complicates Dating History With Kate Hudson, ‘Levels’ Singer Likes Older Woman?

Nick Jonas Complicates Dating History With Kate Hudson

Nick Jonas Complicates Dating History With Kate Hudson, ‘Levels’ Singer Likes Older Woman?

Nick Jonas is complicating his own dating history by hooking up with Kate Hudson. Who knew that “Levels” singer will fall for an older woman after putting the likes of Olivia Culpo and Selena Gomez down in his dating history?

According to TMZ , “Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas… were all over the place — together — this weekend, first at Disney World in Orlando and the next day at brunch in Miami. Kate — who’s 36 — went to Nick’s show at the House of Blues in Orlando Saturday night. Oh, right, he’s 23. It kinda makes sense. She was probably his jam growing up, and she’s still just as hot.”
We wonder if Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson will venture into dating now that they have a good weekend to jump off from.
Maybe the fact that Nick Jonas just got approved by Neil Patrick Harris helped Kate Hudson fall into “Levels” singer’s arms. Also knowing how Nick just parted ways with his girlfriend Olivia Culpo, this timing might work out!
According to Just Jared, Neil Patrick Harris named Nick Jonas as his crush.
“How I Met Your Mother” actor said, “He was good-looking even before it was allowed to think he was good-looking. It was a bit of a problem, you had to wait until he turned 19 to 20. And then you were like, ‘what is happening!’”
But it is true that post breakup with Olivia Culpo and getting his dating history in order, Nick Jonas’ career has been on the rise. He was recently dubbed as the next Justin Timberlake by the most powerful man of the music industry – Jay Z!
“[Jay Z’s] next project is Nick Jonas,” the Hollywood Life insider reported. “He wants to record with him and he wants Beyonce to record with him. He sees Nick as the next Justin Timberlake.”
It is possible that Nick Jonas is diversifying his dating history to make sure that he has the maturity to become a big star like Justin Timberlake.
Do you think Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson will stay together despite age difference?

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